Value Added Services

  1. Unitrans Insurance

Indwe Risk Services is a Comprehensive Insurance company looking after the insurance needs of customers buying commercial vehicles, no matter what your fleet size, Indwe Risk Services will be able to offer you lucrative rates. Unitrans Automotive has put in place an SLA with Indwe Risk Services to ensure that our customers always gets the best service and support in this competitive industry.

  1. Service and Maintenance Plans

We have Finance and Insurance (F&I) Consultants that are able to assist you with quotes on any additional products you may want to purchase. Call your nearest dealer today for assistance with your finance applications, insurance quotes, OEM backed Service and Maintenance Plan, extended warranties or any other products you may require.

  1. Transport Consultancy

Contact your nearest dealer today for expert advice regarding your business. Our qualified sales staff are there to assist you with selecting the best truck for your application, calculating your operating costs and simulating the performance for your selected routes.


  1. Finance & Insurance Consultants

Unitrans Automotive have Finance and Insurance consultants to assist with all your financing needs. We aim to ensure that every customer:

  • Has a clear understanding of their obligations they enter into
  • Deal with all customer queries with the utmost clarity and courtesy.
  • To ensure all customers are dealt with correctly in terms of all legislation, such as FIC, FAIS, NCA, etc.
  1. Toyota Financial Services (TFS)

Toyota Financial Services (“TFS”) is the Captive Finance Company for Hino. This means that financing or purchasing the lease of your truck through TFS and your Hino dealer is a great way to maximise the value of the vehicle financing experience.

This partnership gives you, our customer, many advantages and benefits to maximise the value of your vehicle financing experience, including:

  • Quick & Easy Financing through shared processes between your Hino dealer and TFS. Additionally, unlike most third-party lenders, your Hino dealer and TFS help finance used Hino vehicles.
  • Excellent Customer Service representatives that can help you obtain the answers or expertise you need.
  • Standardised paperwork and processes to handle your financing, including any vehicle turn in or trade-in.
  • Preapproving qualified customers for a credit line so that they can more easily finance additional equipment, without the need to go through a full credit approval process each time [Source: Hino SA]
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